Fast and easy newsletter sending

Large quantity sending

Fight windmills no more! You won’t have to take care of slow newsletter sending or problems with internet-providers because of the large amount of newsletters being sent out. “VENITAS MAILER” will take care of all of that! Our team carries out our own SPAM filter tests, carefully overviews the sent out messages and collaborates with e-mail service providers, all you have to do is to arrange the contents of your letter!

Send reports

Real-time newsletter delivery statistics will allow a better understanding of your clients and their needs. The delivery statistics will show how many letters reached the recipients and how many didn’t, how many recipients have read the mail and clicked the hyperlinks in the newsletter.

Recipient lists

It is very easy to manage the list of people who will get your newsletters with the recipient list tool. You can import, export, filter or add new e-mail addresses for your current marketing campaign.

Newsletter layout editing

You can easily create your own newsletters and activate the sending process with the help of the newsletter creation tool. You can also design your newsletters, so they will be adequate to your client’s needs or personality.

Newsletter sending shouldn’t be a complicated and time-consuming process. “VENITAS MAILER” gives you the opportunity to create, design and manage your newsletters in a fine and easy manner. Below are some of the features which will surely make newsletter sending easier for you.

Terminated newsletter subscriptions

Newsletter unsubscribing became even more simple, the recipients won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the option to remove their subscription. An easy-to-use subscription removal feature will help you to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Sending delay

With the delayed newsletter sending feature you can set the newsletter’s delivery time and date, it will help you to send out your newsletters on a scheduled time, so you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night!

Undelivered mail review

The undelivered newsletter accounting feature will save you the trouble of sending newsletters to unused or unexisting e-mail addresses. The system automatically notes non-working e-mail addresses and no mail is being sent to them. Furthermore, the system will automatically indicate the reason why the newsletter did not reach the recipient (the address did not exist, e-mail full, server is unavailable etc.)

Subscription form

There is a possibility to create a subscription form, which you can insert in your webpage later.

Popular plans

M 5 000

19EUR VAT not included

  • Speed: 200 letters per minute
  • Recipients: 5'000
  • Duration: 30 days


G 10 000

19EUR VAT not included

  • Speed: 200 letters per minute
  • Mails count: 10'000
  • Duration: 14 unlimited


M 50 000

79EUR VAT not included

  • Speed: 200 letters per minute
  • Recipients: 50'000
  • Duration: 30 days




  • Speed: 200 letters per minute
  • Recipients: unlimited
  • Duration: 1 day




Plan name Recipients Mails count Duration Speed * Price **
1 DAY unlimited unlimited 1 day 200 mails/min 69 EUR
1 WEEK unlimited unlimited 7 days 200 mails/min 99 EUR
M UNLIMITED unlimited unlimited 30 days 200 mails/min 199 EUR
M 5 000 5'000 unlimited 30 days 200 mails/min 19 EUR
M 50 000 50'000 unlimited 30 days 200 mails/min 89 EUR
M 100 000 100'000 unlimited 30 days 200 mails/min 129 EUR
G 10 000 unlimited 10'000 unlimited 200 mails/min 19 EUR
G 50 000 unlimited 50'000 unlimited 200 mails/min 59 EUR
G 100 000 unlimited 100'000 unlimited 200 mails/min 109 EUR
G 500 000 unlimited 500'000 unlimited 200 mails/min 199 EUR
* - need more speed?

We can send your emails on premium speed - up to 500 emails/min. The premium speed price is 30% of any chosen sending plan price.

** - VAT not included


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Terms and Conditions

By registering in the “VENITAS MAILER” newsletter sending system, the user agrees with the following:
  • To take full responsibility for the content of the newsletter and possible law violations connected to it.
  • The user is an information / advertisement spreader.

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